Christmas Songs Alternative/Active Rock

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Re: Christmas Songs Alternative/Active Rock

Post by Criptor » Thu Apr 14, 2022 9:20 am

And now for a couple rare Alternative rock compilations I just finally purchased.

Kevin And Bean: Feel The Warmth Of The Wonderful World Of The Kevin and Bean Morning Show (The White Album) (1990)

Michael The Maintenance Man - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Homeboy
John Wesley Harding With Kevin & Bean - Feel The Warmth
Ben Rosenberg - Dredyl Song
Lewis-Idal Tendencies - Silent Night
Cast Of Twin Peaks - 12 Days Of Christmas
Carlos, The Sexiest Man Alive - The Christmas Song
Chris Isaak - Pretty Paper
Doc On The ROQ - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Kevin & Bean - The Credits Song & Holiday Greetings

Kevin And Bean Present: Bogus Christmas (1991)

John Wesley Harding W/ Kevin & Bean - Feel The Warmth
Moose & Squirrel - Deck The Halls
Jessica Hahn - It's A !-900 Christmas
Lewis-Idal Tendancies - Silent Night
Max & Brendan (KROQ Listeners) - Christmas Blows
Kevin & Bean - New Master Of THe Pan Flute
Ben Rosenberg - Dreydl Song
Married With Children Cast - 12 Days Of Christmas
Chris Isaak - Pretty Paper
Judy Tenuta - What I Want For Christmas
Lewis-Idal Tendancies - White Christmas
John Moschitta - Twas The Night Before Christmas
O.C. Disease - Orange County Christmas

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Re: Christmas Songs Alternative/Active Rock

Post by donobrian » Sat Apr 16, 2022 10:26 am

Sure, late Xmas eve and Xmas day till noon or so, play whatever Xmas themed songs you want, but if people want X-mas music, they are well aware of the X-mas radio station in your market that is playing the tried and true favorites, and not trying to force unfamiliar ones to try to fit the station's format.

If the country station tries all Christmas music after thanksgiving, playing the actual songs that everyone really wants to hear when it comes to Christmas, and still get's it's butt kicked by the default Christmas station, then I think you know what to expect of an active rock or alternative station playing X-mas songs that have no nostalgia factor that are completely unfamiliar.

Just do what you are know for.

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Re: Christmas Songs Alternative/Active Rock

Post by Criptor » Sun Apr 17, 2022 8:01 am

The purpose, of this list is to show the industry, that there are songs in other genres for Christmas. And to give a comprehensive list of it. The reason, I personally believe, is to allow a station to see what it is, decide if they should play it or not. Sure, an Alternative Rock station or all hip-hop station might not go for it. The local stations that typically makes the flip during the holidays, should at least be made aware of what is out there. Where I am at, you can set your watch to the same 10 or 20 holiday songs in their playlist which hasn't changed in like 30+ years or whatever. Nostalgic, sure, but it gets old after a while for me, and frankly a ton of other people. So I post this, in hopes, they may add a few and mix it up. It is only unfamiliar to people who have not heard it, and thinking that since they have not heard it, it must be a bad song, is dumb. It only BECOMES familiar, when people play it. bad or not, let the public decide.

In my area, I can get WLIT, and WLDB, both are AC formats. Which is fine. But during the holidays when they switch to all Christmas, loads of people who typically listen to other stations put it on those stations to hear holiday music. fans of all genres. My thinking is, why not add a few tracks from other formats to mix it up because by mid December, I personally don't like when I get in the car at random times and ALWAYS hear John Lennon - Happy Xmas which has happened to me in the last 20 years. My parents say the same thing about "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas". My thought was, maybe the reason these people don't switch it up is also because they have never heard anything else and don't know these other tracks even exist. I know the public doesn't know they exist. In spite of new compilations/singles being released every year by the music industry. So how can you say, "no one is gonna want to hear anything else besides the same old 20 songs over and over again". It's like saying, Baskin Robbins is only going to serve Vanilla. No chocolate, no cookie dough, no mint, no cotton candy flavors nothing else, just vanilla. Customers have never tasted cookie dough, so they don't want it.

To me, that is what you are saying right there. What the public doesn't know, keeps them happy.

The average person has around 7000 songs on their computer. You can bet that's because they have no time to do some music searching on their own and rely on algorithms or radio stations to do it for them. If they want something different, they turn to spotify, or Sirius XM, or other music subscription service. And those services, have roughly the same stuff too.

To stations out there who make the switch to all Christmas I urge you, please, add in some of these tracks, switch it up a little. Keep the nostalgic songs, sure, but don't be afraid. See if the public responds. When I was personally doing my show, I had a massive jump at my station during the holidays, people all over were emailing in, calling, asking where to find what we were playing and that they were happy to hear something different. It grew literally every single year and we got many emails about people who were sick of the same 20 songs played on WLIT. WLIT last year alone, has thousands of comments on their facebook page saying people were tired of the same 20 songs.

Be bold, be dangerous, try something new.

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