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Rock Charts

Post by djpierreamador » Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:13 pm

Is Metal & Hard rock dead? As I Look at the Rock charts I wonder... How do these Alternative & Folk bands get onto the rock charts? Is there not enough bands Making Metal or real good HARD rock?!?!?! Do we have to add Alternative bands into these charts. I know there are MORE than enough Alternative bands for their own chart. For a true ROCK fan these new formats are killing them. Imagine... You are a true HARD Rock fan & your listing to your ONLY rock station on the FM Band... A Nice Kick *** Disturbed Song is on & your feeling the Nice Hard Feeling on the double kick drum, The Power Cords & The Lead Guitarist Jamming away!!! Your Pumped Up!!! Loving That You Love Hard Rock!! Your Making Time Down The Highway or Cleaning The Mess In The Kitchen Or Throwing On Another 20 LBS on the Bench Press!!! THEN!!!!! Your ONLY so-called HARD Rock station backs it with 311, Sublime or even worse Mumford & Sons!!! Can there be stations that play HARD rock, I really dont mind a Power Ballad here & there, but can we keep Alternative Rock on an ALTERNATIVE station As we Keep Classic Rock on its own Station. Or are WE ALL Turning into Charlie FM?

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Re: Rock Charts

Post by parocks » Sun May 20, 2012 2:52 pm

You listen to the radio INSIDE THE HOUSE? To an ACTIVE ROCK station? There's your problem right there. With a little tiny bit of research you can find music that rocks exactly the way you want it to. And you can download it, and play it on a telephone of all things, as well as many other devices. Rock music they don't play on the radio tends to rock harder, and is more interesting than the rock music they do play on the radio. Try Kylesa for one. Here's the current CMJ Top 5 "Loud Rock" chart Loud Rock

01. High On Fire
02. Prong
03. Overkill
04. Torche
05. Meshuggah

try them.

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