CC and Fleetwood Mac Deal: What's wrong with this picture?

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CC and Fleetwood Mac Deal: What's wrong with this picture?

Post by jwatkins00 » Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:39 am

Let me get this straight. Clear Channel does a deal with arguably one of the biggest groups in Rock/Pop history where Fleetwood Mac essentially agrees to split the loot on record sales with the largest radio group in America.

First of all, why did Fleetwood Mac agree to do this - was CC NOT going to play their new songs? Or would CC had somehow limited the airplay in order to pressure FM to sign? While I don't think this scenario happened, I do see how this scenario could play itself out down the road. It's called a monopoly and its dangerous.when large groups can control the creative process by forcing artists to pay or not play.

Ok. So let's look at what just happened. CC is now in the record business, so the number of airplays (assuming this is the strategy) will generate record sales that will be split between the radio goup and the performer. Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong?

It used to be that labels would send music to stations, smart music directors would pick and choose what they thought sounded good and listeners would determine what was good or not. The market determined what was successful, not some corporate guy who got into sales because his lack of artistic vision made him unqualified to be the music director.

When performers are forced to pay a radio station to play their record, horrible or not, it was called payola. Now its called rev-share.

I will never buy another Fleetwood Mac record again. They sold out, and they didn't have to. That's what sad about this. I understand sometimes there's a gray area, but this CC/FM deals spells bad.


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Re: CC and Fleetwood Mac Deal: What's wrong with this pictur

Post by muttmuse » Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:24 am

"Not that funny is it"

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