R.I.P. Active Rock Radio 1986-2016

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Re: R.I.P. Active Rock Radio 1986-2016

Post by matadormi » Tue Apr 20, 2021 2:21 pm

I remember reading the R&R article that enshrined "Active Rock" circa 1990. Most of the stations labeled with that format designation then did not fit the modern definition of it; which is a sound as preferred to 25% currents (which was R&R's actual definition of it then). Albeit, there were stations preexisting that matched both the % current and sound that are preeminent today (e.g. KNCN Corpus Christi, WLZR Milwaukee, KBER Salt Lake City, etc.). Oddly enough, present day Active Rock as a whole is no more % current than the mainstream rock stations in 1990 they were competing against that mostly flipped to classic rock. A year or two ago, I wasn't knocked out at what music was being pushed. Now, there are a few artists that I believe can break. But patience is an issue here. Ayron Jones and Des Rocs (even though that wasn't an instant grab with me) could be stars. Black Stone Cherry could be a serious regional breakout in the midwest and southeast; that recent record is pretty solid. But there are stations that won't add a Black Stone Cherry because they don't believe it fits a preconceived Active Rock sound.

There are stations in Active Rock presently that do impress me, but nearly all of the ones I like aren't reporting stations to Mediabase. (e.g. The Bear in South Bend is #3 12+ Eastlan, Rock 108 Waterloo IA is also top three.)

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Re: R.I.P. Active Rock Radio 1986-2016

Post by number1 » Thu Apr 22, 2021 4:52 pm

georgefernandez wrote:
Fri Feb 28, 2020 11:25 pm
Although the genre is not dead, some markets have been pulling the plug on Active Rock. Sure there is Octane on SiriusXM, but they don't tell you the local happenings near you.
We, here in Boston, lost the best Active Rock station on 2/21/2020 at midnight. 107.3 WAAF was an icon in the area for 50 years. The parent company sold the frequency to EMF and the over the air station died and is only on Radio.com. No DJ's just music and advertisers. From 1970-2020 it was the longest-running rock station in the area. The midday and afternoon drive hosts held a two-day 'wake' for the beloved station. Yes, they were allowed to continue their jobs, with class and honor, until the plug was pulled at 12:01 am on 2/22/2020. At the end of the two days, it was fitting to have them play Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath as their last song, as that was the first song played on day 1 in 1970, and the frequency was turned over to a Contemporary Christian (whatever that noise is) station. It is the end of the era of Boston rock as we know it. We now have 2 Classic Rock stations as the only Rock left in the area. Both play about the same music, one newer(1980's-2000) classic rock and one all ages of classic rock(1960's-2000).
Kind of hoping that those two personalities stay in the area and try to land a similar gig. It has been a rough week not hearing the same people that you listened to for the past 20 years keep you entertained from your midday to thru the evening commute.
Terrestrial radio used to be the best way to find out about all things music in the local area. From concerts to rock news all could be heard from your friendly radio host. Now it is accountants and button-pushers with ZERO personality.
old work buddy of mine Rocko used to do afternoons on WAAF...RIP Big Frank

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