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Net Talk • Oldies Rock still alive & well?
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Oldies Rock still alive & well?

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:51 am
by lrochelle
Hi. I haven't been a participator in the forums, but only because "life events" prevented it. But as a writer, I can't stay silent for long :-)

My interest here, is to chat with those who still love, or have discovered and enjoy, Oldies Rock & Roll. Esp. 1954-1979.

I write books about the Radio DJs of that era and though obviously (based on sales), do it for myself, because it's fun and interesting, but also to preserve our Rock & Roll heritage.

Below is a promo for my books in the Amazon Giveaways - but more than that, I'd like to start a conversation about the Oldies and how long we think they're gonna be around ... just 'til the Boomers fade away? Anyone have a list of current terrestrial Oldies stations? Cheers to all - Merry Holidays & Happy New Year! LinDee

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