"Radio rock" and Middle of The Road music.

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"Radio rock" and Middle of The Road music.

Post by bearsethi96 » Wed Dec 30, 2020 8:49 am

I just wanted to put to post some thoughts I've been having since my aux cord port busted and I had to get it fixed, and listened to my local "active rock" station.

Many of the charting bands seem to occupy a strange niche. Bands like Five Finger Death Punch and Pop Evil have fairly standard radio-friendly rock structured songs, yet their rhythm sections seem oddly more in sync with groove metal bands(medium tempo with an "aggressive" use of double bass drumming) and fairly standard hard rocking lyrics and tough guy image(and the same nasally yarl done since Creed on quieter parts)

Now that I'm back listening to my Abigor, X Japan, Dir en grey and Exodus I'm thinking to myself, what other rock acts over the years have had "middle of the road" sounds to them? Like not quite occupying a heavier niche but still bringing in a reasonable fascimile? I'm sure what's happened to genres like R&B is comparable. Hell, this seems to happen a lot in many genre life cycles. A lot of late period(yes, i consider glam metal to have a strangely rich history I divide into different eras, and that's not even getting into the melodic rock and AOR scene)glam metal like Firehouse, Enuff Z'nuff, Danger Danger etc hit big tend to meet similar bills, typically having extremely cheesy glammy lyrics and goofy over the top image...mixed with guitar shredding and sanitized production that turns down a lot of the edge and now that seems to be happening again with the post-grunge and alternative metal remnants.

So, what kinds of acts in rock(or really genres of any kind) meet this so called middle-of-the-road plurality, trying to be edgy yet pleasing all at once, and what kind of place do they mark in musical trends?

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Re: "Radio rock" and Middle of The Road music.

Post by radioxl5 » Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:57 pm

One of the reasons today's music sounds the same is that there are a small cadre of song wirters/producers working with various artists.

Strongly suggest fusing indie pop artists into your mix

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