Data management: prefabs vs database-like gameobject

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Data management: prefabs vs database-like gameobject

Post by Filall » Wed Oct 05, 2022 6:03 am


Another dev and I (two amateurs) think differently on how to keep and modify data in our game.

- I would create a prefab base and then generate variants to change data directly in the prefabs inspector.
Weapon gameobjects would be instanced directly from the prefab variant.

As he sees it, databases are more performant than prefabs.
As I see it, database in the hierarchy is an anti-pattern, as it means keeping out-of-game data were it does not belong, and prefabs are far simpler to navigate through, in the editor and through referencing.

What do people here think of this? Are there special benefits to using a database-like structure? If yes, for what scope? Is it useful for mobile games maybe?

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