5 Signs You’re Mega-0bsessed With Your Social Media

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5 Signs You’re Mega-0bsessed With Your Social Media

Post by yonoguchi » Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:15 pm

Social media is an excellent tool for small businesses to reach their customers in fresh and exciting ways. On the other hand, it’s dangerously easy to become addicted and obsess over every new site with no real strategy or motive.

When a business has become addicted to social media, a clear business purpose is lost and the incentive is negatively driven by an obsession with this avenue of communication.

The following are 5 signs you’re mega-obsessed with your social media.

1. Dead profiles

A surefire sign that a company is obsessed with social media is multiple social profiles that are infrequently used and eventually ignored.

The temptation of utilizing every new social network to get in touch with your most savvy customers is understandable but there’s a lot to be said for finding the specific channels that are right for your business and making them work.

Think of all these dead profiles in ‘live’ business terms. It would be pointless to advertise a customer service line if no one was there to answer the phone. The same rules apply online.

2. Spend more time tweeting than running the business

Small business owners should know better than to spend too much of their time tweeting, especially when it is evident there is no dedicated staff to run the Facebook and/or Twitter profiles.

Twitter can serve as an immediate, free and accessible marketing channel for a new business up to a certain point. Having said that, it will never replace real work.

The danger with Twitter is becoming enthralled by the immediacy of results. Don’t forget that only a small portion of your customers are actually utilizing social media.

Simply make sure it only takes up a small amount of your time and doesn’t become a replacement for the work involved in running your business.

3. Excessive photo competitions

There’s been a huge increase lately in the amount of businesses that run photo competitions but fairly tenuous links tend to deem the marketing efforts fruitless.

Unless there is a real strategy and purpose driving the content created by the user, these will soon go the way of the hashtag competitions of yesteryear and eventually become irrelevant. Ensure that the competitions you hold for promotional purposes are relevant and sporadic enough to validate excitement.

4. Social icon overload

For some reason, there is a real tendency for businesses to check every single social media option box and overload their main site with icons.

Unless social media obsession is what attracts your customers, try to limit the amount of social buttons you put on your site. Not only is this fundamentally distracting from the main aim of the site, it will annoy the majority of your clientele.

Having said that, the tweet and Like buttons have carved their place in many, if not all, websites but there is a danger of over-doing it. The fact is that these days if someone likes your content, they will probably go and share it anyway.

5. Foursquare stalking

Foursquare provides opportunities for many businesses and provides a unique and effective way for you to reach a new audience. Having said that, stalking your customers is not one of them.

Aside from looking desperate, it’s also inappropriate. Your customers will have no interest in allowing a company to physically track them.

All of these signs of social media obsession are incredibly easy for businesses to fall into. Whatever you do in social media, simply double check to make sure it has a clear business purpose.

Author: Yo Noguchi is a freelance writer and a frequent contributor to a blog hosted by Benchmark Email, an online email marketing software provider.

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Re: 5 Signs You’re Mega-0bsessed With Your Social Media

Post by mrbing » Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:04 am

nice ideas about social media ..but Foursquare is helping many small scale business to grow ..you have to use every single opportunity when it comes to social media ..

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Re: 5 Signs You’re Mega-0bsessed With Your Social Media

Post by russstover » Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:50 pm

It can be a fine line between to much social media and not enough. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking social media alone will keep your business in the black.

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