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Net Talk • EJN Music Sampler Tracks
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EJN Music Sampler Tracks

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:39 pm
by kellybgood
This week's worldwide EJN Music Sampler is now online.Just reach above and click on EJN Free 10 Song MP3 and you are there. Great new music from the Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra, Tyler Hornby, Berklee College of Music, classic Pat LaBarbaera and Alex Dean and more.

01. Tyler Hornby ‘Visible Sorrow’
02. DOPAPOD ‘Off the Cuff’
03. Pat LaBarbera ‘Moon & Sand’
04. Oleg V. Ostapchuk ‘Fantasia In Blue’
05. Emi Inaba ‘New Vision’
06. Alex Dean ‘Parker 51'
07. Carol Welsman ‘Over the Rainbow’
08. Cornell West featuring Prince
09. Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra ‘Dancing Sunlight’
10. Real Divas 'The 101'