Pirate Radio in the Area?

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Pirate Radio in the Area?

Post by kellybgood » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:36 pm

For those who may live in the area of 63RD Street and Austin Ave, and you might think that you've tuned onto a Pirate Radio Station, just letting everyone know on this board that I have a micro power Part-15 radio transmitter.

My radio station which is a Part-15 micro powered radio transmitter, I will be conducting several transmitting tests for transmitting range and signal coverage, for throughout the mediate area of this neighborhood in the vicinity of 63RD Street and Austin Ave.

Broadcast tests will be heard during the evening hours during the weekdays and during daylight hours on the weekends, throughout the next few months. Dates and times for these broadcasts are NOT specified as of yet.

So please stay tune and turn your radio to:
99.1 MHz on the FM dial! And 1600 KHz on the AM radio band dial.

Thank you very much for listening

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