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Net Talk • Wake Up Your Overnights!
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Wake Up Your Overnights!

Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 2:11 am
by brianholland
Noticing that the overnight "juggernaut" is slowing down a little? The "truckers" not up to par on their own network? Filling your overnights with replays that just aren't drawing a lead in for your morning drive? We have the solution.
"The Graveyard Shift" debuts on Monday, March 17, 2014! A topical overnight program that will feature conversations on the news, delivered in a different light. Interviews with guests from the paranormal world, authors, tv and movie actors, and news makers from around the world.
The first week's guest schedule is shaping up nicely. The debut show will feature internationally renowned author and conspiracy expert Jim Marrs.
Very important note for all you PDs and GMs, no carry fees, no additional equipment needed. Simple and easy delivery.
Talk, rock, variety, this show fits them all!From the sedate to the irreverent, we have it covered when you clock in for The Graveyard Shift!
Check it out a http://www.GraveyardShiftShow.com and contact AffiliateRelations@GraveyardShiftShow.com for more info or to get started!