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Forum Rules

Post by mpaulsen68 » Mon Jun 27, 2016 11:06 am

The purpose of the Forums/Message Boards is to enable an area for the sharing of ideas, opinions, discussion and commentary on anything and everything in our business; this includes Net News stories, changes in our industry, format shifts, hirings/firings, ratings, new technology, the Internet, and the future -- to name but a few ideas.

We ask that when posting, please:
  1. Post responsibly! Use common sense and good judgment!
  2. Don't spread unfounded rumors or make up stories that will be hurtful to others.
  3. Keep your comments above the belt and professional -- never about anyone's personal life, habits, or sexual orientation.
  4. Think of the impact of your post before you hit the send button. If it was about you, how would you feel?
  5. Do not use these Forums/Message Boards to promote your business (voiceover/imaging, voicetracking, consulting, or music, etc.) ... this is not an advertising platform. Those posts will be removed.
  6. Keep in mind that what you read may or may not be 100% accurate -- and is often the personal opinion and perspective of the individual that is posting. Postings do not represent the views and opinions of or its staff and management. Please see the Terms of Service ( and the Privacy Policy (

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Re: Forum Rules

Post by livinlargelarry » Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:01 pm

Hello, Larry Wilson here. I am trying to apply for KCMO job listings in All Access(11/17/17) and the link, will not open. It says "OOps! This Page Is Not Available" Please advise.
Thank you.

Larry R. Wilson

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