Phoenix radio Christmas music watch

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Phoenix radio Christmas music watch

Post by KOOL Listener Lauren » Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:24 am

September 30th has its mark on the calendar for the first Christmas song on KOOL here in 2009 (9am- "Feliz Navidad")-- and quite possibly, first one of the year in all of Phoenix radio. Who knows when all-Christmas will begin with KOOL. Rumor has it KEZ will go all-out on Christmas November 1. Now with that date being publicized, including being on Tom Taylor's newsletter, I doubt it.

In retrospect...

From the Timeline:
10/31/08- All-Christmas begins on KOOL with Camelback Jack at 5 pm.

11/3/08- All-Christmas goes well beyond the weekend and into Monday morning. Finally ends sometime in the 8 am hour. Back to "The Greatest Hits of All-Time".

11/7/08- All-Christmas returns to KOOL once again at 5 pm Friday with Camelback Jack. This time, they're in it for the long-run.
Oh, and Christmas music ended on Christmas? Nope. Dec. 28th for the classic hits station. Perhaps we'll see another interesting, awkward, holiday season in the desert '09.

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