Looking For Professional Feedback On Probable Insanity

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Looking For Professional Feedback On Probable Insanity

Post by radgorilla » Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:45 am

Any of you old enough to remember the startup days of MTV and the impact that pop-culture icons of the day like Max Headroom, the Domino's Pizza "NOID" and Budweiser's Spuds McKenzie had on America for nearly a decade? If you were even remotely interested in radio or television media back then you couldn't help but notice how these bits'o'wackiness filled the wallets of huge advertising entities that were the Monster Energy Drink companies of their time.

Well, I am old enough to remember it and still young enough in my mind to entertain trying to bring that "style" back in an age where it STILL, even with the technology we have, is interesting enough to warrant a new look at an old idea. And so I did...and here is a demo-reel/playlist, or "pilot", if you will, of what I am working on in the hopes of someone else jumping in and adding that "one thing" I know it needs to take it from batsh#t crazy to internet-radio/video advertising genius.
Take a peek if you dare, and feel free to scream your medical diagnosis' of my condition here: radgorillamagician@gmail.com

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